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Frequently Asked Questions


Depending on the material that the mirror is made of, most mirrors are fine to use in a bath as long as they are mounted far enough away from the sink.

Because of the weight of a framed mirror and what the frame is made of, the mirrors should be hung with the hooks provided by the manufacturer. Never hang a framed mirror with a wire.

A good quality mirror has a reflective quality with no waviness


As long as the seams on the original paper are tight and no lifting of the original paper is occurring then an oil based primer can be used to prepare the walls. If paper and not paint is going to be the finish product then a latex pre-wall covering primer is needed to prepare the walls for new wallpaper

Every wallpaper job is a different situation. If the walls were prepared properly then the wallpaper should strip off easily. If not, a heavy sandpaper can be used to scuff sand the whole area and then a wallpaper stripper can be used to help with stripping of the wallpaper. Once the paper is removed, make sure to remove all of the old glue.

If the walls are in good condition a pre-wall covering primer/sizing needs to be used for better adhesion & take down in the future.

By taking the wall square footage of a room (width x length x height of wall) and dividing it by 22 will give you the amount of single rolls needed to complete the job using a wallpaper that has an average pattern repeat of 20 ½ – 25. If a pattern has a random match you should take the wall square footage and divide it by 25.


Depending on what type of window treatment is being used will depend on how to measure. If an inside mount is being used, then take three different measurements (top, middle, bottom) and take the lesser of the tree to allow for clearance of the blind. If an outside mount is preferred then take the total outside measurement of trim to trim molding. Every window treatment has different allowances for inside mounts.

Different types of blinds have different “R” values that can be documented by the manufacturer. A cellular shade/honeycomb shade offers the best insulation with the highest “R” value.

A faux blind is made of plastic and usually has about 500 hours of sun life. After the 500 hours of sun life, the blind will start to warp, discolor, and become brittle with the effects of the harsh sun.

A faux wood blind is made up of a computer generated composite material and has a UV coating that protects it from the sun’s harmful effects. A “faux wood” blind is much stronger and will last longer that a “faux blind.”

Retail Glass

12” x 12” or a minimum 10” diagonally

1/4″ glass Weighs 3.2 pounds per sq. ft. 1/2 Weighs twice as much. Visit our glass service center to view glass samples.

Yes, at our glass service center we can cut glass to a variety of custom shapes, but we will need a pattern.

Yes, at our glass service center, we carry a variety of glass types. You can contact PFAFF’S for a special quote

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